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  • Introduction of listed companies controlled by central enterprises 360 FangCloud Enterprise Online Disk, Build a smart collaborative cloud platform

    the near future, A listed company controlled by a central enterprise and 360 Yifang Cloud Achieves Cooperation, Introduce enterprise cloud disk service, Realized orderly storage and efficient sharing and cooperation of massive documents, Provide guarantee for enterprise data security. The relevant counterpart of the enterprise said: 360 Introduction of Yifang Cloud Enterprise Cloud Disk Products, Help enterprises save a lot of distribution in the process of file collaboration and sharing, collect, Summary, Collate documents, Save 70%Cost of human collaboration, It is estimated that the cost of human cooperation saved for enterprises in the whole year can reach millions.

    2022-12-29 other
    Central enterprise holding listed company Enterprise network disk Collaborative office
  • Beauty brand「Imperial Research Hall」introduce 360 Fangcloud, Efficient management of nearly 100 stores nationwide

    Today with the rapid development of science and technology, People's pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more common, Various beauty agencies have sprung up like mushrooms, The industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Some beauty brands with deep insight into the market trend began to try to achieve refined operation through digital means, Constantly improve energy and efficiency. Jiangsu Yuyantang Biotechnology Co. , Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Imperial Research Hall" ) Take the lead in introducing 360 Yifang Cloud Enterprise Cloud Disk Service, Build a remote sharing and collaboration platform, Realize orderly and secure storage of enterprise data, And ensure the efficient cooperation between the headquarters and stores across the country.

    2022-11-30 case
    Digital transformation Collaborative office Enterprise network disk Store management
  • Facilitate digital transformation, 3 Manufacturing enterprises 360 Yifang Cloud efficient collaborative office

    Manufacturing enterprise production process leader, Improvement of execution efficiency of each link, May have a huge impact on the final productivity. And the premise of efficient production, Yes, data, file, Fast access to materials and efficient collaboration. We're following 3 A manufacturing enterprise had a chat, Found that they work together efficiently, The secret of efficient production.

    2022-11-24 other
    Enterprise network disk File sharing manufacturing enterprise Collaborative office
  • Introduced by Jianghuai Automobile Group 360 Fangcloud, Promote efficient development of international business

    Introduced by Jiangqi Group International 360 Fangcloud, Build a one-stop sharing and cooperation platform, Realize domestic teams and overseas dealers, Data sharing among overseas customers, Fast access, Help the team to work together efficiently.

    2022-10-27 case
    File sharing Teamwork Telecommuting Collaborative office File sharing
  • A cow, a cow, China Top10 Signed by one of the famous law firms 360 Fangcloud!

    First introduced by law firms 360 Fangcloud, Optimize case management+Team management+Knowledge management mode, Realize daily collaboration, Receive the case, Handling cases, Digital collaboration and sharing of the whole process of case settlement.

    2022-10-20 other
    Enterprise network disk Well known law firms File synchronization Synchronizing disc information safety
  • 500 Strong Enterprise Ordos Group Joins Hands 360 Fangcloud, Create a new collaborative office model

    Good news Great news9 month 6 day, "2022 Chinese enterprises 500 strong" List release, Inner Mongolia Ordos Investment Holding Group Co. , Ltd (Ordos Group for short) with 7276763 Ranked No. 1 in 10000 yuan revenue 321 position. not long ago, This house 500 Strong enterprise selection and 360 Yifang Cloud Achieves Cooperation, With the help of 360 Yifang Cloud's one-stop team collaboration and knowledge management capabilities, Building a unified unstructured data middle platform, Secure storage of enterprise information assets/share/application, Create a new way of safe and efficient collaborative office. 1 Informatization of the world cashmere king

    2022-09-23 case
    Signing Newsletter Enterprise cloud disk Enterprise case
  • Wenzhou People's Hospital 360 Fangcloud, Building a digital medical complex

    How to keep the massive documents and materials in order? Cross hospital area, How to share files and work cooperatively between departments? Wenzhou People's Hospital 360 Yifang Cloud has built a unified file management platform, Open the data flow channel between departments and offices of the hospital and with external units of the hospital, Realize business/Centralized storage of scientific research materials, Collaborative distribution, Secure transmission sharing.

    2022-09-23 case
    medical service Signing promotion of information technology digitization Enterprise cloud disk
  • Xiamen University signed a contract 360 Fangcloud, Create a new model of document sharing and efficient collaboration

    Xiamen University and 360 Yifang Cloud officially reached cooperation, adopt 360 Efficient construction of Yifang Cloud, convenient, Secure campus cloud disk, Realize teaching resources, Learning materials, Real-time sharing of office documents, Improve the efficiency and convenience of collaboration between teachers and students, Building a new model of smart campus.

    2022-08-16 case
    Enterprise cloud disk Smart Universities Xiamen University colleges and universities
  • Guarantee the Winter Olympics, Help the opening of the Asian Games subway, How does Theo elevator build hard power through Digitalization?

    Hangzhou Xiao Elevator Co. , Ltd (abbreviation "Theo elevator" ) Founded in 2004 year, It is the research and development of elevator, Design, production, sale, A modern integrated elevator manufacturer and service provider integrating installation and after-sales maintenance, So far, it has developed 9 Large series, 20 More than ladder products, Accumulated to global 70 More than countries and regions provide services. Western Austria elevator leading industry introduces German Industry 4. 0 idea, By world 500 Strong standard layout factory, Realize manufacturing intelligence with intelligent management, Product intelligence, Service intelligence, Become the leader of domestic independent elevator brands. 01 Unstructured data management of large manufacturing enterprises is difficult

    2022-05-06 case
    Enterprise network disk Theo elevator
  • Sales in two months are nearly 100 billion yuan, Ranking first in the industry, How country garden realizes efficient and safe collaboration of enterprise documents?

    2 month 28 day, The middle finger Institute released 2022 year 1-2 Ranking list of sales performance of Chinese real estate enterprises in August. List display, 2022 year 1-2 month, TOP100 The average sales volume of real estate enterprises is 103. 0 RMB100mn, Among them, the sales volume of real estate enterprises exceeds 10 billion yuan 30 , Country garden 924. 6 The sales volume of 100 million yuan ranks first in the sales performance ranking. actually, In recent years, country garden, which is in the leading position, has been "Steady and far-reaching" As a development strategy: "Relatively slow down the development speed, Make more room for various controls" . Especially in the context of the accelerated development of informatization in the real estate industry, Market to enterprise

    2022-03-03 case
    360 Fangcloud Enterprise cloud disk Enterprise network disk real estate
  • Signed by CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau 360 Fangcloud, Achieve efficient and safe circulation of project documents

    recently, Core enterprises under CCCC, CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau Co. , Ltd. , a large domestic dredging enterprise, signed a contract on yifangyun, Yifang cloud built an enterprise level document collaborative office platform for it, Meet team cross department, Cross region, The need for efficient collaboration across scenarios. About the century old CCCC Shanghai Waterway Bureau Co. , Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CCCC Shanghai Airlines" ) predecessor "Junpu Engineering Bureau" , Founded in 1905 year 12 month 26 day, Now it belongs to China Communications Construction Co. , Ltd, It has the special grade of general contracting for port and waterway engineering construction, Class a channel survey and design, Class a qualification of Surveying and mapping. common

    2022-01-28 news flash
    architectural engineering 360 Fangcloud Enterprise cloud disk Enterprise network disk
  • Before the Spring Festival in the year of the tiger, We received a letter of thanks from Zhejiang University

    The year of the tiger is approaching, 360 Yifangyun received a mysterious「Spring festival gifts」 -- From Zhejiang University "Letter of thanks" . The letter affirms 360 The help of Yifang cloud team in the construction of school education informatization, hope "2022 In, both sides walked side by side, Mutual empowerment, Make further progress" . Zhejiang University thank you letter see this sincere letter, 360 The team members of Yifang cloud are deeply encouraged, Feel cherished. About Zhejiang University Zhejiang University is directly under the Ministry of Education, Central straight pipe (Deputy ministerial level) , It is one of the famous top universities in China, Also China "Most complete disciplines" , "Students have the highest entrepreneurship rate" University of, Rank

    2022-01-26 case
    Smart Universities Zhejiang University Enterprise cloud disk Enterprise network disk
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