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Channel cooperation conditions and cooperation process

NO. 1
information gathering
NO. 2
Conditional filtering
NO. 3
Intentional negotiation
NO. 4
Training certification
NO. 5
Channel signing
NO. 6
Duly authorized

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Partners will receive support below Yifang Cloud

Training enabling

Provide online, Rich offline training courses, Include products, case, programme, Technology and other comprehensive contents, Issue Yifang Cloud authentication certificate according to the evaluation results

Exclusive QR code

Potential customers register and try products through their exclusive QR code, Complete customer reporting, Guarantee channel interests

Sales support

Output high-quality internal resources, Provide program support for key channel projects, Technical support, etc, Help the channel successfully complete the signing of key projects

Service support

Provide channel end customers with 1 yes 1 Exclusive service support, Improve user experience and satisfaction, Support channels for long-term returns

Market support

The certification channel can enjoy the support of market activity expenses allocated by Yifang Cloud, Material support, Event planning support, etc, Help the channel to rapidly develop regional markets

Opportunity recommendation

According to the region of customer resources, Yifang Cloud, Match the corresponding channel for sales, Provide rich sales resources for channels

Cooperation consultation

Scan code to add channel consultants
Obtain cooperation policy, Sincerely look forward to working with you.

Use FangCloud immediately, Start simple work
Use FangCloud immediately, Start simple work



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