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  • AIGC Industry report released heavily: Exploring a New Paradigm for Content Production

    Human beings have crossed the steam age, The Electrical Age, Computers and the Internet in the Information Age, Nowadays, artificial intelligence is becoming the backbone driving humanity into the era of intelligence. The global community has recognized the significant significance of artificial intelligence technology in bringing change to the industry, Rushing to layout the artificial intelligence ecosystem. Based on this, Maker Ties Collaborate with Tencent Cloud, 360, Insight Research Report, Industry brands such as Youshe, Jointly released 2023AIGC Industry Development and Application White Paper , Focus on AIGC (AI generated content) Integrated application with the field of digital content, Discuss the innovation of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology and its commercial value behind it.

    2023-04-26 Industry Report
    AIGC artificial intelligence
  • IResearch consulting: 2023 Research report on collaborative office industry in

    The surge in demand for mobile office under the epidemic has promoted the short-term vigorous development of collaborative office, The high-frequency use of collaborative products makes enterprises aware of the possibility of cross-regional collaborative office. In the process, Manufacturers have a deeper understanding of users' office needs, In-product form, Service mode, Make adaptive adjustments in terms of solutions, etc. This report focuses on the change of collaborative needs of enterprise users and the iterative direction of collaborative office products during the epidemic, And discuss the development path of collaborative office manufacturers after the epidemic. It is hoped that through the report, organizations with collaborative needs will have more opportunities to understand and accept collaborative products, It also provides ideas for the operation and management of collaborative office manufacturers.

    2023-02-10 Industry Report
    Collaborative office Enterprise network disk
  • AI media consulting: 2021 China collaborative office market trends and benchmarking case study report in

    AI media consulting released 2021 A case study on the trend and benchmark of China's collaborative office industry in report. The report from the policy background, Industry characteristics, From the perspective of market outlook, this paper investigates and analyzes China's collaborative office market. among, Mentioned in the report 2021 In the enterprise cloud disk used by Chinese users in, 360 Yifangyun ranked first in the first tier.

    2022-01-20 Industry Report
    Collaborative office Enterprise cloud disk digitization AI media consulting
  • Analysys analysis: Special analysis of China's cloud disk industry 2021

    digital age , Daily office work of the enterprise, Business operation, Data management is increasingly dependent on information systems, With cloud computing, 5G Technology upgrading, Epidemic pair "Cloud Office" Speed up, The enterprise cloud disk industry has also entered the fast lane of development. recently, Analysys released Professional analysis of cloud disk industry in China 2021 (Hereinafter referred to as "report" ) , The report said that at the moment when data has become a core factor of production, Insufficient collaboration ability and isolated organizational structure are the main problems of enterprise digital transformation, Low efficiency, Resource allocation cannot be optimized, The inconvenience of cross department collaboration also leads to the limited exploitation of the company's digital economy potential. Enterprise cloud disk operation

    2021-12-20 Industry Report
    Analysys analysis Enterprise network disk Enterprise cloud disk Cloud disk Net disk
  • SaaS Enterprise services T Research Enterprise network disk Enterprise cloud disk
  • IResearch consulting: 2021 China Collaborative Office Market Research Report

    Released by iResearch consulting China Collaborative Office Market Research Report (Abbreviated Report) , This paper tracks and analyzes the development of China's collaborative office industry in recent years, And made insights and judgments on the development opportunities and trends of the industry. The report also heavily recommended excellent domestic collaborative office manufacturers, 360 Yifang cloud has been deeply practiced in the field of enterprise network disk for many years, Obtained high market evaluation.

    2021-03-11 Industry Report
    IResearch consulting Collaborative office Enterprise network disk
  • AI media consulting: 2020-2021 Special Research Report on Chinese Personal Network Disk in

    With the continuous growth of global Big data, The future data Cloud storage capacity demand will also continue to expand, iiMedia Research (AI media consulting) data display, 2020 The global data center storage capacity will reach 272 Exabyte. The expanding demand for personal data and cloud storage has accelerated the development of the personal cloud service market, expect 2020 The number of personal cloud disk users in China is expected to exceed 4 One billion people. stay 5G Against the backdrop of the times, data security, Transmission security, The security issues of personal network disks such as personal information and privacy protection have attracted much attention from users, The future personal network disk industry will focus on security, Storage space, Improve user experience in terms of transmission speed and other aspects, Promote the healthy development of the industry.

    2020-12-02 Industry Report
    Net disk Cloud disk Personal cloud disk Personal network disk
  • Enterprise network disk Enterprise cloud disk Cloud storage Collaborative office
  • Unstructured data Enterprise network disk Enterprise cloud disk Collaborative office knowledge management
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