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Yifang Cloud Service Terms

(Terms of Service)

1. introduction

1. 1 Dear user, We sincerely welcome you to choose Hangzhou Qiyi Cloud Computing Co. , Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Qiyiyun" , "Our company" or "We" ) Yifang Cloud enterprise file management software service provided (hereinafter referred to as "Yifang Cloud Service" ) . You need to read carefully, Fully understand the terms of service, And complete the registration according to the registration process, To use Yifang Cloud Service. When you check in the registration process "Agree to service terms" That means you have understood and fully accepted the terms of service. If you cannot accept the terms of service, Please stop registering or using Yifang Cloud Service immediately.

2. Account registration

2. 1 When you register your Yifang cloud service account, You should be a natural person with capacity for civil rights and full capacity for civil conduct as prescribed by applicable laws, Legal person who can independently bear civil liability, Or other unincorporated organizations.

2. 2 The ownership of your registered Yifang Cloud service account belongs to Qiyi Cloud. After successful registration, You will have the right to use this account. Qiyi Cloud has the right to, Withdraw the account you used according to the requirements of regulatory authorities and business needs. Without the consent of Qiyi Cloud, Do not implement any gift, share, borrow, rent, Transfer or sale of account number, If you violate this agreement, Qiyi Cloud has the right to suspend the use of this account, Notify you of correction, Out of Service, Until the account is cancelled according to the situation, Without any legal liability.

2. 3 You should be responsible for all actions under your account, You have the obligation to keep your account and password properly, Please do not disclose account or password information to any third party. If there is any doubt that the account and password are used by others, Please inform us as soon as possible, Lest your interests be lost. You fully understand and agree, Any fault caused by yourself (Including but not limited to transfer account number, Share with others, Self-disclosure, etc) Or your computer or mobile terminal is infected with virus or Trojan, Account and password disclosure, You shall bear the consequences of loss or other losses.

3. service content

3. 1 The specific content of Yifang Cloud Service is via the website fangcloud. 360. cn /www. fangcloud. com (hereinafter referred to as "website" ) release. For any form of service, Changes in service content and service standards, Our company will publicize it on the official website, And try to use prompts, Telephone, short message, Notify you by email and other accessible means, The above changes will come into effect after being publicized, I hope you can take time to pay attention and understand.

4. Service experience

4. 1 To make you more familiar, Understand our products, After you become a registered user of Yifang Cloud Service, You immediately enjoy the duration 15 Days of free experience service, During the free experience service period, you can choose to experience the basic functions of different paid packages. You can choose to purchase any paid package of Yifang Cloud Service at any time during or after the limited free experience service.

4. 2 If you choose not to purchase any version of Yifang Cloud Service temporarily after the limited free experience service expires, You can log in to Yifang Cloud Service WEB The terminal downloads the files you uploaded during the limited time free experience service.

5. Service fee and payment

5. 1 We will publish the detailed package classification and pricing scheme on the website, And will adjust the charging standard from time to time according to the actual situation, However, this adjustment will not affect the services you have purchased.

5. 2 You can pay the service fee of the selected service package online by logging in to the official website, After payment, The order of Qiyi Cloud service product comes into effect:

(1) The online payment methods you can choose are WeChat code scanning payment and Alipay code scanning payment. WeChat scanning payment, It refers to a payment method that you entrust Tenpay Payment Technology Co. , Ltd. to directly deduct and collect funds from your bank account; Alipay code scanning payment, It means you entrust Alipay (China) Network Technology Co. , Ltd. is a payment method that directly carries out fund deduction and collection operations on your bank account. When you use the online payment service provided by Qiyi Cloud's official website, By default, you have agreed to the terms of service and WeChat payment, Alipay payment related user service agreement. The service content we provide is limited to Yifang Cloud Service, Consultation related to online third-party payment, complaint, Please contact WeChat or Alipay, We can provide you with necessary assistance.

(2) Please understand, Unless the Yifang cloud service we provide seriously violates the official website SLA The terms of the agreement cannot be complied with SLA The terms of the agreement compensate you, For effective product orders, We are not responsible for refunds. If we decide to refund or agree to refund, Have the right to decide when, How to refund you. You understand that Qiyi Cloud is not a bank or financial institution, Unable to provide instant fund receipt service, You agree that it takes reasonable time for funds to flow on the way.

5. 3 If you need to know more about the advanced version of Yifang Cloud Service, Flagship edition, You can call 400 Consulting and purchasing through service telephone, And pay the service fee of the selected service package offline according to the content agreed in the software service contract you signed with us.

5. 4 What needs special explanation is, The service fee does not include the network access generated by you or your members when using the service (broadband access, Mobile network access, etc) , equipment (Such as mobile phone, computer, Flat plate, etc) Other fees you need to pay to the third party.

6. Invoice application

6. 1 After paying the service fee online by logging on the official website, You can apply for VAT electronic ordinary invoice online. Legal effect of VAT electronic ordinary invoice provided by our company, Basic use, The basic use regulations are the same as the paper VAT ordinary invoices supervised by the tax authorities. You can use the VAT electronic ordinary invoice provided by our company for rights protection or reimbursement; The invoiced enterprise can enter the VAT electronic ordinary invoice provided by our company as a formal accounting voucher.

6. 2 You can take the initiative to apply for the VAT electronic ordinary invoice with the same amount of the order amount on the head of the individual or enterprise. Please check the information carefully before applying. If you 7 No active application for invoice within days, On page 8 The Horizon system will automatically issue a personal VAT electronic ordinary invoice for you. After the invoice is issued successfully, If you have a real need to change invoices, Available at "Tivoli Enterprise Console -Package management-Payment record" page, Place corresponding order "Change tickets" Apply for and fill in correct invoice information (Please be sure to confirm the authenticity and accuracy of the information exchanged) . After the invoice is issued successfully, You can find "Tivoli Enterprise Console -Package management-Payment record" Page to download VAT electronic ordinary invoices corresponding to different orders.

6. 3 If you pay the service fee through offline contract payment, You can contact your sales offline/The service consultant came to apply for the invoice.

7. Contract signing

7. 1 The services you purchase through online payment on the official website, The contract includes: Effective Qiyi Cloud service product orders, Qiyi Cloud Service Electronic Invoice, And the terms of service, SLA Agreement and other specifications currently in effect and updated from time to time on Qiyi Cloud official website, Standards and notices updated from time to time, technological process, Rules, etc.

7. 2 You can call 400 Purchase the advanced or flagship version of Yifang Cloud service through service phone, Need to sign a written software service contract with us, While protecting the legitimate interests of both parties, It also makes you more clear about the various service standards we provide.

8. Change of terms

8. 1 We have the right to modify the terms of service from time to time. If any content of this clause changes, We will publicize it on the website layout. If you don't agree with the modification made by Qiyi Cloud to this clause, You have the right to 15 Objection within days, If both parties cannot reach an agreement on this, You have the right to stop using Yifang Cloud Service. If you do not raise an objection within the specified time limit, Then you will be deemed to accept our amendments to this clause, And agree to be bound by the revised terms of service.

9. Use rules

9. 1 When you use Yifang Cloud Service, You promise and guarantee:

(1) Comply with various national laws, including but not limited to, statute, Policies and applicable provisions of international treaties or conventions;

(2) Comply with all contracts related to this service, clause, Announcement or other forms of agreement;

(3) Ensure that the registration information you fill in when registering and using Yifang Cloud Service is true and valid, And your account name, The profile and other registration information shall not contain illegal or bad information, No false use, relation, Unauthorized use of relevant institutions or social celebrities and other information or damage to the copyright of others, Legal rights and interests such as trademark rights;

(4) Do not use Yifang Cloud Services to engage in activities prohibited by laws and regulations;

(5) Do not upload via Yifang Cloud Service, storage, Disseminate content prohibited by laws and regulations;

(6) Do not use Yifang cloud service to infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party;

(7) Do not destroy Yifang cloud service platform by any means, Affecting the normal operation of Yifang Cloud Service, Damage the legitimate rights and interests of our company, For example, for Yifang Cloud Service (Include site page ID, brand, Data, etc) Make a copy, modify, Decompile, Disassembly, reverse engineering , Disassembly;

(8) Do not harm minors in any form;

(9) Ensure the security of your uploaded and stored data, For example, without virus, Trojans and other harmful programs;

(10) Your legal compliance with the data stored by you or your members through Yifang Cloud Service, And bear independent legal responsibility for all operations through your account.

9. 2 If we find that you have violated the above terms, Or receiving complaints from a third party, We have the right to take corresponding measures according to the situation, Including but not limited to immediate termination of service, Delete corresponding information, And investigate your legal liability, etc.

10. Intellectual property and data confidentiality

10. 1 Any file stored by you or your members through Yifang Cloud Service, Including but not limited to various documents, picture, music, video, Application and other data (Hereinafter referred to as "Data" ) Full ownership and use right, Neither our company nor any third party without your authorization has the right to obtain or use these data.

10. 2 We will encrypt the transmission and storage of your data, Protect your data privacy within the scope of technology control.

10. 3 We have complete authority management function, You can grant different access rights to various data, We will grant the access scope of corresponding data according to the permissions you set.

10. 4 Qiyi Cloud pays attention to protecting user privacy, Formulated a detailed privacy policy, See details Yifang Cloud Privacy Policy . You register, Log in, Use Yifang Cloud Service, That means you agree that we can process your personal information in accordance with the aforementioned privacy policy.

11. Destruction and disclosure of data

11. 1 If, Your data will be destroyed or disclosed:

(1) For continuous 90 Free experience users who have not logged in to use Yifang Cloud service for natural days, We will no longer save your data, Your data will be destroyed;

(2) Unless otherwise agreed, Since the service period specified in the online product service order or software service contract expires, Or from the date of service termination for other reasons 100 Natural days later, We will no longer save your data, Your data will be destroyed;

(3) By yourself/Corporate consent, We will disclose the data to the third party you require;

(4) At the request of administrative or judicial authorities, Or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, We will legally or administratively, Disclosure by judicial authorities.

12. Disclaimers

12. 1 You need to bear the following responsibilities and compensation costs:

(1) You store through Yifang Cloud Service, Data and materials shared or disseminated, Infringement of any rights and interests of others resulting in any claim or request made by any third party;

(2) Any claim or request made by any third party due to your violation of the terms of service;

(3) Any legal liability arising from your breach of the terms of service;

(4) Any legal liability arising from the data stored by you through Yifang Cloud Service.

13. Force majeure

13. 1 Due to force majeure or other unexpected events, Make it impossible to perform the terms of service, Unnecessary or meaningless, Suffer from force majeure, The party to the accident shall not be liable.

13. 2 Force majeure, Unexpected events are unforeseeable, Objective events that cannot be overcome and avoided and have a significant impact on one or both parties, Including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, earthquake, Plague epidemic and social events such as war, unrest, Government behavior, Interruption of telecommunication trunk line, hacker, Network congestion and government regulation.

14. other

14. 1 Conclusion of the Terms of Service, The laws of the People's Republic of China shall apply to the implementation, interpretation and dispute resolution. Any provision in the service terms is completely or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, The rest of the terms of service shall remain valid and binding.

14. 2 Within the maximum scope allowed by laws and regulations, Hangzhou Qiyi Cloud Computing Co. , Ltd. reserves the right to interpret and revise the terms of service. Other matters not covered, Both parties shall follow the principle of good faith and friendship, Otherwise agreed. If, Disputes over the use of Yifang Cloud Service, Both parties shall first settle the dispute through friendly negotiation; Negotiable, You agree to submit the dispute or dispute to the place where this agreement is signed (Yuhang District, Hangzhou City) Litigation settlement by the people's court with jurisdiction.

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