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Data Security

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A Full List of Data Security Functions

File Sharing Security Support four permission settings, i.e. sharing objects, download permission, access period, and access password
View Historical Shared Links Support viewing and managing all shared links I have created in files / folders
Shared Link Control Users with relevant permissions can view all shared records of files / folders; disabling the share function of selected folders is supported
Enable Watermarks on Department Files Support enabling watermarks on specified department files
Collaborator Management Users with relevant permissions can modify collaborators and permission levels
One-click Handover for Resigned Employees Remove the resigned member's account and easily transfer his or her ownership materials to the counterpart to prevent incomplete handover or loss of files due to resignation
Equipment Management Support viewing / managing all devices logged into the current account, including clients, web pages and Apps; support remote logout
Secondary Verification Support secondary verification and provide three options, i.e. SMS, WeChat and authenticator App
View Action Logs Support viewing all action logs; support viewing by date, type of action and personnel; support filtering by personnel / action type / action object during viewing, and display source client type and IP address in actions logs

FangCloud Security Assurance

Data Storage Security

Multiple Backups Encrypted storage in quadruplicate; support distribution of data at different storage nodes to prevent loss of user data due to the platform
Disaster Recovery and Elimination Powerful remote disaster recovery and backup can quickly accomplish data switchover without affecting the normal use of user files and rapidly recover user data in case of emergencies
Fragmented Storage Files are broken down into tens of thousands of fragments during the storing process and stored into different cloud servers respectively
Cloud Shield Protection Provide powerful protection against intrusions and DDoS

Data Privacy Security

Transfer and Storage All-link Encryption HTTPS is used as the transfer protocol during file upload and download. Secondary AES CTR 256 algorithm-based streaming blocked encryption is performed against the file itself during transmission to ensure that all files ultimately stored into the cloud storage system are cryptograms and eliminate the possibility of being stolen during transmission and storage
Independent Cloud Storage Space Files stored in the cloud are protected independently to ensure that cloud files will not penetrate other data and vice versa
Flexible Data Emigrating Channels The system guarantees users' absolute ownership to their data and provides ways such as web page download and client synchronization for users to emigrate their data freely

Platform Operation and Maintenance Security

Complete Monitoring System 7*24 real-time monitoring and warning is provided from multiple dimensions, including server load, application error log, background service operation, service of individual function modules of a product, and data-changing trend, any exception will be captured and handled immediately to ensure platform stability
High Availability All underlying function modules adopt highly available load balancing design. Each module provides external services at a 120% load carrying capacity
Security Vulnerability Scanning from Authorities Comprehensive security health check is conducted against the platform by invited reputed third-party public test platforms, adding further assurance to enterprise data security

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