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"We strive to build FangCloud into the most trust-worthy cloud product for enterprises, and to make it unprecedentedly simple for enterprise file management and collaboration."

-- Cheng Yuan, Founder & CEO of FangCloud Technology

FangCloud Technology
Originated in Silicon Valley, FangCloud Technology core founding team has assisted Box, the world's largest enterprise cloud storage service provider, to land on the New York Stock Exchange successfully. Established in late 2013, the company is committed to providing the most professional file management services, that is to achieve a seamless connection between employers, employees and data through a secure and convenient file access, sharing and collaboration, and to help enterprises maximize their value in "core digital assets".
A specialized cloud platform for enterprise file management and collaboration created by FangCloud Technology, FangCloud provides services such as centralized storage and management of large files, multi-level user access control, and top-notch data security for enterprises. In this era of mobile, FangCloud provides simple and easy-to-use product experience, so that a company’s employees may have secure and convenient access to enterprise files. This allows them to share and collaborate on any project, anytime, anywhere, and eventually achieve a seamless connection between employees, employers and their relevant data.
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