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Live for enterprise documents, and focus on creating the ultimate

Efficient and easy-to-use data collaboration

  • Multiport synchronization

  • File Sharing

  • Full-text search

  • Full-text search

  • Mobile access

  • File comments

Professional and secure file management

  • Secure Storage

  • Log monitoring

  • Organizational structure

  • Open API

  • Access control

  • Group management

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A Collaborative platform born in practice

  1. Real-time file synchronization
  2. Secure file sharing
  3. Instant Access and Share of files
  4. Efficient Project Collaboration
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  • Miss Zhang Planning Manager-Advertising Agency

    “With FangCloud, I have instant access to the most up-to-date files no matter where I am or what device I am using, and I no longer have to worry about data loss or having to dig through folders to find the correct version of the file I’m trying to access.”

  • Mr. Li District Manager-Educational Institutions

    “FangCloud improves the timeliness and unity of our data distribution. Functions like access control and watermark previews help us minimize the risk of information leakage.”

  • Mr.Wang Sales manager-Fashion Retail Company

    “I no longer have to worry about customer inquiries while I’m on the move. I can preview the latest product information on FangCloud’s Mobile App and share it with clients instantly through Wechat/QQ.”

  • Mr. Liu Project Manager-Interior Design Company

    “We use FangCloud to share and collaborate on projects all the time. The built-in messenger is a very useful and convenient function as it linked to specific files, and always traceable.”

Document Security System Trusted by Top 500 Enterprises

Third party authorization system


National information security protection level 3 certification by the Ministry of Public Security/trustworthy cloud certification


Data Security Insurance in China

Data security insurance in China

Compensation guarantee of millions of dollars

Online Banking Level Security Technology

Transmission and storage data encryption/quadruple backup

Enterprise data isolation/DDos and other network attacks protection

Periodic vulnerability detection by third party authoritative security agency

360 Degrees File Security Management Mechanisms

Watermark preview/seven-level collaboration permissions/content sharing control

Comprehensive logging/two-step verification equipment management

Customization to meet the diverse needs of enterprises

Proud to Serve 200,000+ Businesses Across 13+ Industries

Easy access to 20G large collaboration space
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Team file sharing and collaboration, choosing Fangcloud

Designed for work , continuous innovation for the user to bring the best user experience and security assurance